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Health Care Careers & Jobs will help you explore health care occupations and it presents resources that you can use to find heatlhcare job vacancies and networking contacts. Start with the overview section and then select the specific health care occupation that interests you. Each health care career listing features a detailed occupational description, required training and education, advancement opportunities, related occupations, qualifications, required certifications and licenses, job outlook, earnings (average salary), networking and health care job placement resources, and candid interviews with health care workers. Occupation are presented for all of the health care service areas. All other occupations and additional resources within each group is available in the full text version of Health Care Job Explosion!

This site also presents revisions, updates, additions and corrections for the all NEW 4th edition of Health Care Job Explosion! High Growth Health Care Careers and JOB LOCATOR. Visit the Update menu selection to review new occupations that have been added, URL revisions and changes, plus new web links and resources.


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