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The Health Care Careers & Jobs Career Center invites schools, associations, societies, and advertisers to provide a valuable community service and to sponsor health care occupations that are listed on http://www.healthcarejobs.org/.

Much of the information that is posted on this site is excerpted from the all new 4th edition of "Health Care Job Explosion! High Growth Health Care Careers & Job Locator" by Dennis V. Damp, published 2006, ISBN: 978-0-943641-25-6. Our goal is to provide succinct health care career and job information online for ALL health care professions.

Sponsors will be listed with their selected occupational description and sponsors can post the following information:
  • Logo
  • Description/Promotion (75 words)
  • URL (Hyperlink to your web site)
  • E-mail link

If the occupation that you would like to sponsor is not currently live on this service we will post that occupation online. Sponsorships are available for a one year renewable term.

The sponsor fee is a very reasonable $95 a month per occupation for a minimum of a six month term payable at the start of your sponsorship. A fee of $570 will be invoiced with payment either by check or credit care. If you elect to sign up for a 1 year term, and pay in full, you would save $100 and the fee would be $1,040 ($86.66/month) for the year due with the signed agreement.


This is considerably less than what a web banner or yellow page ad
would cost your organization, or company.


Sponsors are encouraged to contribute content that will provide visitors with additional career guidance and job placement information. We encourage schools, associations, societies, and advertisers to sponsor occupations so that we can continue to offer this free service. Sponsors offer visitors exploring careers or looking for employment in the health care field with more content and information for them to achieve their goals.

Sponsorships provide an excellent (low cost) promotional opportunity for your organization, company or school and it provides a valuable community service for individuals who are exploring health care job options. Bookhaven Press reserves the right to refuse sponsorships that we consider inappropriate for our site.


If you should need additional information you can contact us via email at info@healthcarejobs.org, call us at 412-494-6926 or fax information to 412-494-5749.



  • Sponsor Order Form:
  1. Notify Bookhaven via Email.
  2. Provide the following Sponsor information:

LOGO:  (gif or jpeg file) 15K Max size.
              Max Size (200) pixels wide by 125 pixels high)
              Attach to email message.
Description: 75 words max (Place in body of email message)
E-mail: (Optional) List a contact email address
URL: (Optional) Hyperlink to your web site

We can design a Banner for you or provide a web presence if desired. Visit (Web Site Design) for more information.

  1. Provided the following information:

First Name: ________________________
Last Name: ________________________
Company Name:  ____________________
Method of Payment: __ Money Order __ Check
__ American Express, or __ MC, __ VISA, __ Discover credit cards.
Credit Card Number ________________________
Credit Card Expiration Date: _____________________
Billing Address: _______________________________
Phone Number: ___________________

Amount of check/charge:_________ Check # ________

Signature: ____________________________________

  1. Send either $570 for first 6 months or if paying for the year send $1,020, a $100 savings.
  2. Your sponsorship will start running the day we receive the first payment. You can pay with all major credit cards by calling 412-494-6926. Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. If you send a check or money order, the service will start the next business day after payment receipt.
  • Billing Information:

If you prefer, you can send your credit card order information by US mail to the address listed below. When paying by check or money order send your order direct to:

Bookhaven Press L.L.C.
249 Field Club Circle
Mckees Rocks, PA 15136

Bookhaven accepts American Express, Discover, Master Card and VISA. To pay with your credit card card, either call us at 412-494-6926 or fax this form to 412-494-5749.