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Health Care Tuition Aide and Assistance

This section is excerpted from appendix B Health Care Job Explosion and features tuition assistance information. The overview is excerpted along with a sampling of resources from the all new 4th edition of Health Care Job Explosion!.
This book features over 1,400 career exploration and job vacancy resources.

Wouldn’t it be great to get an education and have someone else pay for it?

For those who are willing to commit to working in rural or inner city health care, several programs offer tuition, tuition with living expenses or loan repayment. The Rural Recruitment and Retention Net-work, and the National Rural Health Association (see both in chapter 3) and the Rural Information Center (800-633-7701) can be contacted for specific information and guidance. Visit www.nal.usda.gov/ric/  to find out more about these programs. Contact your state department of health, the Rural Assistance Center www.raconline.org or the National Health Service Corps www.bphc.hrsa.gov/. The NHSC also has information on loan-repayment programs for health care workers in inner-city areas.

Assistance is available to minority students through programs offered by institutions such as the Indian Health Service. Visit their web site at www.ihs.gov .http://www.bphc.hrsa.gov/ Contact the financial aid office of your college or of the nearest medical school.

The United States Armed Services offers abundant educational opportunities. If you enlist for several years they will train you for many health care or computer-related careers. Their Tuition Assistance Program currently pays up to $4,500 per year for full-time active duty members. Eligible College Fund Program enlistees receive up to $65,000 toward college tuition, when combined with the Montgomery G.I. Bill, and upon honorable discharge. Registered nurses who enlist, in addition to loan repayment or sign-up bonuses, may work towards a degree as a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Students who have their pre-med degree can arrange to have their medical or dental school paid for. Call your local recruiter to get details on education programs or visit the U.S. Army’s web site at www.todaysmilitary.com/.

There are many programs available for those who take the time to seek them out. Contact local hospitals that are short staffed and other medical providers to ask about tuition assistance programs. Directories with hospital contact information are described in Chapter 3. Many employers offer tuition assistance to current employees who show initiative and maintain good grades. It is amazing just how many programs are available especially when demand for workers is high and com-petition is fierce between recruiters and medical facilities in general.

There are also magnet schools that specialize in health care training in cities like Los Angeles and Baltimore. The Chicago Public Schools has a program to encourage minorities to go into medicine and the AMA has a "Doctors Back to School" program, sending physicians to speak in schools to get young people interested in medical careers.

Visit http://federaljobs.net to explore federal job options. Uncle Sam employs over 100,000 medical workers at VA facilities nationwide and at other agencies such as Health and Human Services, etc. The all new 10th edition of The Book of U.S. Government Jobs explains where the jobs are, what's available, and how to get one. A section is devoted to recruitment incentives including the student loan payoff program, cash incentives, and relocation reimbursement.  

Locate programs that you find attractive through the use of the resources listed in this chapter and in all of the other resource sections located throughout this book. Don’t forget to contact occupational associations to find out what information they may have concerning scholarships and tuition assistance programs. The more contacts you make the more programs you will uncover in your research.

To explore health care jobs with the federal government or to investigate special emphasis hiring programs obtain a copy of the author's Book of U.S. Government Jobs - 9th edition, available at libraries, bookstores or from the publisher. This book can be purchased through our toll free service with all major credit cards at 1-800-782-7424 (Orders Only) or order online.

Health Care Tuition Aide and Assistance