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"Health Care Job Explosion!" 4th edition

  •  Library Journal Review, October 1, 2006 (CAREERS)


    Damp, Dennis V. Health Care Job Explosion! High Growth Health Care Careers and Job Locator. 4th ed. Bookhaven. 2006. c.320p. illus. bibliog. index. ISBN 0-943641-25-X (ISBN 978-0-943641-25-6). pap. $19.95.




    "With the simple presentation, current facts, and career advice from those in the trenches, the fourth edition of this all-inclusive resource will motivate patrons looking for a job in the health services field. Damp (The Book of U.S. Government Jobs) cites projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that one out of every five new jobs created by 2014 will be in the health services field. Readers get helpful tips and guidance about the application and interview process. The third chapter presents an array of useful professional resources including books, job fairs, associations, and web sites. Damp then moves on to cover specific health services fields and the relevant jobs within each category (e.g., health technicians, pharmacy, therapy, nursing, social services, home healthcare). For each job, he covers the significant points such as working conditions, necessary training, employment outlook, and earnings. The first appendix discusses healthcare corporations as a high-growth area for possible employment; the second appendix provides scholarship and tuition information. Overall, this inexpensive resource acts as a great starting point for someone considering a field where there is an ever-increasing demand for personnel. Recommended for all public libraries."


  • A comprehensive career guide and a job locator for health care jobs, August 11, 2006

    Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI)

    "The new fourth edition of "Health Care Job Explosion!: High Growth Health Care Careers and Job Locator" is a brand new comprehensive career guide and a job locator for health care jobs. Health career data can be accessed at multiple internet sites, with one created especially for this book (http://www.healthcarejobs.org/). The book is very user-friendly and is conveniently organized into 10 chapters. The first, "the Health Care Explosion," is an overview, while the second, "the Nexus - Making a Connection," is helpful to increase chances of obtaining the desired job. Chapter three, "Job Sources for Everyone," is an invaluable key to many resources, including job advertising services, job fairs, job hotlines, internet sites, associations and directories. It even includes pages on the Internet, Surfing lessons, LIST SERVERS, search engines, and education and career resources. A handy system of symbols connects the reader to the desired resource. Chapters four through ten cover general health care job areas, from health technologists and technicians to dietetics, pharmacy, therapy, nursing, health and social services, health diagnosing occupations and assistants, and home health care jobs. Each of these chapters begins with an interview with a practicing health care worker in the listed field. Job descriptions include significant points, a description of the nature of the work, working conditions, training, qualifications and advancement, job outlook, earnings, and related occupations. This is followed by an exhaustive listing of additional special resources pertaining to that occupation/area, again using the helpful icons established in chapter 3. Finally, Appendices A and B present information about health care corporations and sources for tuition and scholarships for specialized health care job training. "Health Care Job Explosion!" is an updated resource that will serve all who seek to build a career in one of the many areas related to health care in the United States. It would be a valued addition to the shelves of libraries and education institutions."
  • The prestigious "Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling" published a full review of this title in a recent 2006 issue. An excerpt follows:

    "This fourth edition of Health Care Job Explosion is full of ideas about potential careers in the health care industry as well as how to get a job in these careers....The publisher provides information on health care professions, as well as careers that one might pursue in the health care industry which are not specifically in the field (e.g., computer applications, billing clerks). 
    The strength of the book is its comprehensiveness about available resources, how to use them, and what to expect from them... It would be an excellent resource for rehabilitationists to access job information for their clients. It could also be provided to clients to guide their own job search efforts. Finally, it would be helpful to people who are trying to define a vocational objective in the medical services area."
    Joseph E. Havranek, Ed.D., CRC
    Professor of Rehabilitation Counseling
    Bowling Green State University
    Bowling Green, Ohio
  • The web site http://beyond.com mentioned and recommended Health Care Job Explosion in their article titled Healthy Outlook for Jobs in the Healthcare Industry . An article excerpt follows.
    "Recent graduates looking to enter the healthcare field or those already in the field have a bright future ahead. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, jobs in healthcare will increase by 26 percent by 2008, which equates into 2.8 million new jobs. Jobs in demand are not necessarily limited to doctors and nurses. There are a wide range of jobs available across the entire healthcare field that will be steadily increasing in the months and years to come.....

    If you would like more information on job growth and available resources for the healthcare industry, a great resource to read is the 4th edition of Health Care Job Explosion! High Growth Health Careers and Job Locator by Dennis V. Damp. The new 4th edition includes interviews with health care specialists and features over 1400 resources to help readers explore careers and locate job vacancies in this growing industry field."
  • Journal of Economic Literature, September 2006

    "Revised fourth edition provides a detailed description of each of the major health care career fields and comprehensive resources for job announcements, placement services, directories, and general information. Discusses the health care explosion; making a connection; job sources for everyone; health technologists, health technicians, dietetics, pharmacy, and therapy occupations; nursing careers; health and social services occupations; health diagnosing occupations and assistants; and home health care job opportunities. Index."

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Reviews For Earlier Editions


  • San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center - July 2002 - "Very informative website! Good work! Keep it up!" San Francisco Plastic Surgery & Laser Center www.sfcosmeticsurgery.com Board Certified Plastic Surgeons
  • Journal of Economic Literature - September 2001 - "Completely revised and updated edition steers readers to high-growth health care occupations; provides detailed descriptions of all the major occupations within the field; and lists over one thousand job resources, including books, advertising sources, job hotlines and e-mail job notification, resume matching services, associations, directories and Internet sites. Describes the health care explosion and its job market implications. Presents tips on networking and the job interview. Lists general job resources that are useful for many health care occupations. Provides detailed information on types of health technologists and health technicians; dietetics, pharmacy, and therapy occupations; nursing careers; heath and social services occupations; health diagnosing occupations and assistants; and home health care job opportunities. For each job category, describes the nature of the work, working conditions, employment, necessary training and other qualifications, advancement opportunities, job outlook, earnings, and specific job search resources. Damp is a freelance writer, author, and publisher. Index.
  • East Coast Reviewer - "Terrific Resource!, February 12, 2000. You can't find a better book for the healthcare industry. A must for anyone looking to land that first job or a better one."
  • Midwest Book Review, November 1998 - "Now in a fully updated second edition, Dennis Damp's Health Care Job Explosion continues to the the reference book for anyone seeking a health care career option. From Audiologist to Veterinarian, all categories of health occupations are presented with key eligibility requirements... Highly recommended..."

  • The New Social Worker, November 1998 - "A comprehensive career guide and job locator, the book starts with an overview of the job market in health care and general job search information, followed by a chapter of general job resources, both print and online...Damp provides useful tips for informational interviewing, as well as for following up with interviewers when you are not selected for a job. Also, in keeping with the times, there is a section on using the internet effectively."

  • The Orange County Register, November 1998 - "The average age in the United States is increasing and advances in science and technology come almost daily. That combination of technology and demographics is making health care a high-growth industry and this book offers a good overview of the outlook and necessary qualifications for health care career options."

  • CareerPath.com, September 1, 1998 - "If you think that these health careers will resemble anything you've seen on E.R., this book will burst your bubble. Damp's world of phlebotmists, radiologists, and home health aides are th2 unnamed walking through backgrounds of the hit TV series without a line, let alone a scene opposite George Clooney. On a job-by job basis, he presents the training required, the work situation to be expected, the growth the field can foresee relative to others, and income statistics. This information is valuable to both the young person with a vague inclination toward health care, or the experienced worker ready for a career change... He also packs the book with a wealth of Web address and information related to various positions. This book is a fine starting place..."

  • Jobs Unlimited, July 25, 1998 - "Health Care Job Explosion is an indispensable resource for anyone considering a career in health care. This practical and comprehensive guide gives you the most current information available on everything from training and license requirements to working conditions and job placement."

  • The Employment Paper, July 26, 1998 - "The all new second edition covers all major occupations and includes a comprehensive chapter on home health care, updated resources, and an expanded selection of interviews with health care workers. Internet web sites are included for most associations and societies with hundreds of job links..."

  • LIBRARY JOURNAL - April, 1996 - "With the growth of the healthcare industry, 'Health Care Job Explosion' will be a boon to those seeking jobs...Recommended."