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This section is excerpted from appendix A of Health Care Job Explosionand features opportunities for health care workers to find health care jobs with companies that manufacture products or provide services for the medical profession.

The overview is excerpted along with a sampling of resources from the all new 4th edition of Health Care Job Explosion!. The 35 additional resources are featured in the text version of Health Care Job Explosion!

Health Care Job Explosion features over 1,400 career exploration and job vacancy resources.



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Thousands of companies manufacture products or provide services for the medical profession. The major manufacturers have large research and development budgets and many operate health care facilities. The demand for medical equipment and supplies is expected to experience healthy growth: 4.7% annually until 2014. (Bureau of Labor Statistics, Monthly Labor Review, Nov., 2005)

Additional positions include sales representatives, computer experts and consultants. Research facilities must be staffed by medical professionals: technicians, physicians, bio-statisticians and PhD scientists. Many fields in health care publish magazines focusing on sales such as The Magazine of Dental Sales and Home Care. The web site of HomeCare (http://www.homecaremag.com) offers an industry links section with national and state associations for medical equipment services.

Corporate contacts offer abundant employment opportunities for health care workers in sales, manufacturing and research. Large corporations like Merck, Medtronic, AmerisourceBergen, and Baxter Inter-national realize billions in sales yearly. Baxter International’s 2005 sales increased by 3.6 percent and total sales reached $9,849,000,000. They employ approximately 48,000 people in 100 countries, market thousands of health care products, and operate outpatient health care centers.



Resources (Partial Listing)

Over 33 total resources are presented in the paperback version of Health Care Job Explosion! 4th edition by Dennis V. Damp for this occupational group. Resources include Job Ads, Job Hotlines, Job Fairs, Placement services, Associations, Books, Directories and Internet (Web) Sites. Your local library may have this book in their reference section or you can purchase a copy for $19.95 plus shipping with all major credit cards from our toll free service at 1-800-782-7424 (Orders Only).


Achoo Healthcare Online (http://achoo.8media.org) Achoo is a search engine with an extensive category structure. One of the directory options is "Business of Health," with companies, products and services.

BizWeb (http://www.bizweb.com) There are more than 600 companies listed in the Medical category alone.
HealthcareRecruitment.com (http://www.healthcarerecruitment.com) Search the jobs database. Sign up, post your résumé, and have them send information relating to your job interests.

Hoover’s Online (http://www.hoovers.com) This site, associated with Dun and Bradstreet, provides profiles and contact information for thou-sands of companies.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales: How to Land the Job of Your Dreams! by Nikki K. Kerzic, Executive Connection Pub., 2002, ISBN: 0967331544. This book will give you information to land a job in sales, including information on résumé writing, recruiting strategies, networking, interviewing tips, and up-to-date industry and company research.

The Riley Guide (http://www.rileyguide.com) Employment opportunities and job resources on the internet from A to Z.

Science Careers (http://aaas.sciencecareers.org) Associated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, this web site is another major search engine for job seekers.

Most large libraries have Yellow Pages for major cities all over the country. Business-to-Business Yellow Pages often have the best information. Look up "Medical Equipment & Supplies" among other categories. There are several "yellow page" services on the Internet.