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Introduction: Our Health Care Jobs & Career Center reaches out to those exploring viable career and job options in the health care sector and to those actively seeking employment in ALL occupations. This site also attracts a large number of health care employees that are exploring career options, researching opportunities, or looking to change careers. If you have products or provide services targeted to the health care services industry and to health care employees this web site provides an opportunity for you to reach new customers.

  • Banners Ads: $750 per month on the home, jobs and medical billing pages and $450 per month on any other page. Additional fixed ad placements are $450 per page. For example, if you place a fixed banner ad on our home or jobs pages it will cost you an additional $450 per month for each additional page that you place an ad on. This is for a 440 x 60 pixel banner. Other banners sizes are available. A direct link will be provided to your site or Bookhaven Press L.L.C can create a web site for you. If you are interested in posting jobs on our site read the next section. Fixed banner specifications and page location are listed below.
  • Text Links: A straight text link costs $375 for the home and jobs pages and $200 for each additional page. The text link would be placed in the left border under the navigation bar on all pages except the home page; the home page text link would be placed in the right border on the home page and and must be 7 words or less. Text links placed in the main page body copy can also be purchased for $700 on the home, jobs, and medical billing pages and for $400 on all others.

Banner Design - We will design a basic banner for you if you need this service. You will pay a one time cost of $45 for the banner.

All accounts billed monthly

Category pages


Main Entrance Page; All occupations; Job Lists/Employment Opportunities; Resume & Job Applications; Interviewing Process; Schools/Associations; and Resources (Various Categories); Occupations.

Listing Format


Click on Health Care Job Listings to view the typical format.

Fixed Banner Ad Specifications:

  • Image File Format: JPEG and Gif
  • Image Dimensions: 440 pixels x 60 pixels or 120 pixels by 120 pixels
  • Image File Size: Maximum 25K

Fixed banner Ads

  1. 440 pixels by 60 pixels (Rectangular) banner - $750 per month for the main and jobs pages and $450 per month for all other pages. The banner will be located in the top half of the page. 
    Note: Same size banner located in the bottom half of the page - $575 per month main and jobs pages, $275 all others.
  2. 120 pixels by 120 pixels (Square) banner - $750 per month for the home, jobs and medical billing pages, $450 for all others. Placed in the top half of each page on either the right or left side of the page. 

Note: Scripts will not be accepted that redirect to third party ad programs. A direct link will be provided to your site or Bookhaven Press can create a web site for you.

All accounts billed monthly. First month must be paid in advance and credit card will be charged at the beginning of each month for the duration of the ad placement. ALL credit cards are accepted.

Notify Bookhaven via Email or call us direct at 412-494-6926 to discuss your interests and to order your banner or job ads on http://www.healthcarejobs.org/ or fax the information to 412-494-5749.

Method of payment


(Discover, AMEX, Master Card or VISA credit cards or send Check/Money Order.)

Provided the following information: (Fax to 412-494-5749 or email). Ads & Job listing copy to be sent via email to info@healthcarejobs.org.

First Name:
Last Name:
Company Name: 
Method of Payment: __Money Order __Check
__ Master Card, ___ DIS, ___ AMEX, or __VISA credit cards.
Credit Card Number
Credit Card Expiration Date:
Billing Address:

Phone Number:
Amount of charge:                      or Check # ________

Billing Information:

If you prefer, you can send your credit card order information by US mail to the address listed below, call 412-494-6926 to order, or fax this form to 412-494-5749. When paying by check or money order send your order direct to:

Bookhaven Press LLC.
249 Field Club Circle
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
Phone: 412-494-6926

Bookhaven accepts Discover, AMEX, Master Card and VISA Credit Cards. To pay by credit card send your account number and expiration date as specified by fax to 412-494-5749.


Banner Rotations:

Banners are rotated automatically on each page.

Web Site Design:


Bookhaven can develop a web site for you.